Volunteer with ACADV

By dedicating your time, skills, and passion as a volunteer with ACADV, you can make a meaningful contribution to supporting survivors and creating positive change in our community. With a range of volunteer opportunities available, you have the chance to play an important role in empowering survivors and fostering a safer environment for all.

Volunteer Opportunities

Outreach and Awareness

Assist with community outreach efforts by organizing events, distributing informational materials, and raising awareness about domestic violence and the resources available.

Fundraising Support

Volunteer to help with fundraising activities such as organizing and participating in fundraising events, donor outreach, grant writing, or online fundraising campaigns.

Hotline and Helpline Support

Offer your time and skills to provide support and assistance to survivors of domestic violence through answering calls on helplines or assisting with online chat support services.

Legislative Advocacy

Get involved in advocating for policies and laws that address domestic violence issues. This can include contacting legislators, participating in awareness campaigns, attending hearings, and promoting public awareness about the importance of domestic violence prevention and intervention.

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