About Us


Since 1981, the Arkansas Coalition Against Domestic Violence has been dedicated to serving communities across both rural and urban areas of Arkansas. Our membership includes passionate domestic violence service providers and supporters who share our commitment to creating a safer and more compassionate society. Together, we work towards our common goal of ending domestic violence and providing support for survivors.

Our Legacy

ACADV has had an expansive impact in their mission to address domestic violence in Arkansas. They have supported the establishment of shelters, developed comprehensive training programs, advocated for important laws, conducted impactful public awareness campaigns, and conducted research initiatives, among other services, to create lasting change for survivors.

Services We Provide

Please note, we do not provide any direct services for survivors of violence. Visit our “Get Help” tab to find more information on programs and shelters that do provide services and can offer additional resources to those in need.

For Victims & Survivors

ACADV provides referrals for victims to member shelters who meet program and fiscal standards. These programs provide:

  • 24-hour crisis hotlines
  • Emergency shelter for victims
  • A wide range of other supportive services

For Professionals

We provide specialized training and resources for professionals in healthcare, law, and social services to enhance their response to domestic violence.

  • Free trainings
  • Collaboration opportunities
  • Access to updated research

For Law Enforcement

We deliver training and resources to law enforcement, promoting a trauma-informed approach in recognizing and responding to domestic violence.

  • Free CLEST certified training
  • Training certification
  • Unlimited educational resources

For Our Community

We engage the community through awareness campaigns, education initiatives, and collaborations to prevent domestic violence and create a supportive environment.

  • Prevention and advocacy resources
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Family and friend support

Our Purpose and Goals

Our Purpose


  • Promote community awareness for a peaceful society free from domestic violence
  • Foster collaboration and support among domestic violence service providers in Arkansas
  • Offer technical assistance, training, and education to member programs, individuals, and professionals
  • Enhance the quality and accessibility of services statewide, ensuring that every domestic violence victim in Arkansas receives the necessary assistance, including support, advocacy, and a safe environment, while empowering them to regain dignity, power, control, and self-advocacy
  • Engage in any lawful activities required to achieve the aforementioned objectives

Our Goals

  • Enhance and strengthen existing support systems dedicated to assisting survivors and their children
  • Educate and raise awareness about legislation that offers legal protection to survivors
  • Advocate for public policies that effectively address the needs of survivors
  • Pursue funding opportunities to support programs serving survivors and their children
  • Deliver comprehensive training to the public and professionals working with survivors to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Empowering Support for Loved Ones

As an ACADV member, you’ll gain access to essential resources, expert guidance, collaborative opportunities, and the chance to make a lasting impact through advocacy and positive change. Join the coalition and become a vital force in empowering and supporting survivors.